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'Little dogs with a big heart'


I was bought up in a small mining village in north Nottinghamshire, where whippets and lurchers were common place and thats where the love of lurchers and whippets developed. The son of a farm worker i had access to land in which i could work the dogs on. I bought my first ferret with my pocket money at the age of 11 and spent every spare hour along the hedgerows ferreting rabbits and coursing the odd hare along the way.
That was over 30 years ago and to say i have learnt an awful lot along the way would be an understatement, one thing about dogs though is you never know it all, as each and everyone is different, what works for one may not work for the other.

Initially I had lurchers but changed to Whippets back in 2002 and I registered the 'Mallyfield' kennel name back in 2006.
I only ever breed when i require a puppy myself, thats why there aren't that many 'Mallyfield' Whippets around.
I am very careful who i allow to have one of my pups as alot of research,time and effort has gone into producing my lines and they only deserve the best possible owners, all homes are vetted and all the pups have breeding endorsements.

My ideal whippet is 20" for Bitches and 20"-21" for dogs, I like the stronger type with a nice deep chest with plenty of room for heart and lungs. Stamina is also very important to me and thats why i have incorporated show and coursing bred dogs into my line. Some people prefer to use racing lines, however i have found the racing lines lack the stamina required for serious work in the field. They are also more likely to be highly strung (hyper) and are more likely to open up whilst chasing there quarry (yapping). Show bred dogs are generally more laid back and take everything in there stride.

First and foremost my dogs are my companions, they live in the house and go with me where ever i go. There not stuck in a dog run for days on end like alot of poor dogs out there.

I am currently updating this website as it's been far too long since it's been updated so please check back from time to time to see the changes i've made. I have some more photo's that i am going to add shortly.

I am always happy to offer help and advice to anyone who asks.
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